Fall 2022 Season

The ASC Board is continuing to work with Avoca, Harlan and other communities to build a Southwest Iowa Soccer League. As we continue to plan the fall season we will be communicating more regarding travel versus in town play. This will be determined closer to the season as other towns determine their availability for competitive play. We will update family's as soon as we have finalized decisions. 

The Atlantic Soccer Club continues to be an all-volunteer organization. We have no paid staff, board members, or coaches. As such we depend on volunteers to help our program run smoothly and efficiently. We will once again be limiting the number of participants we can accept into the program each season based on the number of adults who volunteer to coach. Here are the details for this season:

 • Volunteer registration will be open from July 1 to July 24. During that time, you may register your child/children to play only if you also volunteer to coach a fall team. If you volunteer to coach, your child/children will be guaranteed a spot in the program.

• Once the volunteer registration closes, the board will determine, based on the number of volunteer coaches for each age group and the size of each age group’s maximum team roster, how many children we can accommodate.

• General player registration will then open starting on July 25 on a first-come, first-served basis until the number of available spots are filled. Those who register later may be wait-listed in case a player who registered has to drop out of the program or additional people volunteer to coach. Registration fees will only be reimbursed for children who have been placed on the waitlist and are not offered a spot on a team by the beginning of the season. No other reimbursements will be issued this season. 

We understand that some of you may not feel capable or qualified to coach soccer. Many of our volunteers felt the same when they first volunteered to coach. Coaching youth soccer can be a learn-as-you-go experience as it has been for many of our volunteers. The board can help you develop the tools and skills you will need to find success for whatever age level you coach.